New Summer Intern Team

I’ve known them for a week and I love this group of people. They are fun, funny, talented, and energetic. They come with varied backgrounds, from travelling overseas to starting an entrepreneurship stateside. These 7 unique individual are the new summer 2012 intern team.

We had a ton of amazing people apply for our summer internship program, but these were the perfect match. They made it through 3 levels of applications and interviews to spend the summer with us.

Through dinner, meetings, hangouts in downtown LA, I’ve gotten to see how bright and creative this group is. I’m really excited and privileged to spend the next several weeks with them. Expect some awesomeness to come.

Alex, New York University – business/finance intern
Elise, Occidental College – graphic design intern
Jazmin, Loyola Marymount University – graphic design intern
Lindsay, University of Alabama – events/marketing intern
Natasha, New York University – marketing intern
Tracy, Chapman University – marketing intern
Zach, University of Michigan – business/marketing intern

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