We seek to partner with communities globally, starting in Kenya. Each community has their own unique culture, environment, flavor, skills, strengths, challenges, and dreams. Explore them and learn more about the artisans that created your products:


Mathare is a large semi-urban area that is a collection of slums. Located near Nairobi, it has a population of roughly 500,000 people. In addition to poverty, residents of Mathare face a lot of violence and criminal activity from the multiple gangs that reside there.

The Mathare Women’s Rehabilitation Center is a group of women and single mothers determined to be raise their families and become leaders in their community. See who they are and write them a note.

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Dagoretti is a large collection of neighborhoods in Western Nairobi. The specific region we work in is a lush and hilly, semi-rural town. Economic activities involve small businesses and casual labor. Drug abuse is a very common issue among youth and young adults.

The Urembo National Group in Dagoretti is a group of youth and young adults who use art to create a positive lifestyle and cultural change in their neighborhood. See who they are and write them a note.

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Though communities throughout all of Kenya face high unemployment rates, many of its residents are extremely creative and entrepreneurial, particularly youth. Informal small businesses groups have formed, taking the materials and trash they find around them to make art. Intrinsic seeks to partner with these groups to encourage their creative spirit, give them a platform on the global market, secure a sustainable flow of income, and reinvest into holistic transformation of their community.