Our mission is to empower communities in developing countries to rise above poverty through creative, holistic, and sustainable business.


Artisans in Africa have a platform to share their creative skills with the world, receive the dignity of a fair job to provide for their families, and are enabled to become self-sufficient.

You have the opportunity to transform a life overseas through connecting with the designer of your product. Through your purchase, you validate their creativity and workmanship, share their story of determination, and join them in their journey and hope towards a brighter future.


Every human being is created with intrinsic worth – every person is valuable regardless of any external factors. Each person is creative and has something valuable to contribute to the world.

Back Story

Throughout college, Steven Ma took several volunteer trips to Africa. As he established relationships with the communities he worked in, he looked for a way to make a significant and lasting impact in those communities. After years of thinking through what to do, he went back to Kenya in the summer of 2011 to start a social entrepreneurship, Intrinsic. Learn more about the Origins of Intrinsic.

Origins of Intrinsic

Our Strategy

We partner with artisan groups in Kenya & Uganda to design and create stylish products. Our workers are paid a fair wage so they can provide for their families and save for the future. Through this business model, we restore dignity by providing jobs and initiate sustainable economic growth by removing dependency on aid. Learn more about Our Strategy for Empowerment.

What is Empowement

Our Communities

We work with a few different artisan groups from communities in Kenya & Uganda, ranging from urban slums to remote villages. Find out more about the Communities Intrinsic Works In.

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Your Part

You buy a super stylish product. Your money pays the local artisans a fair wage so they can provide for their families and save for the future. You become really trendy, while helping to write a much bigger story. Buy a Product and change the world.

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