Addressing the Issue of Poverty

Intrinsic’s mission is to empower people to rise above poverty. But what does that exactly mean?

Poverty is a complex issue that’s often caused by a variety of factors and doesn’t have simple, single solution. At a very basic level, we see poverty as a lack of resources and opportunity to adequately meet the basic necessities of life – food, water, shelter, education, & safety. So we’re starting with the most basic element o providing for needs: a job.

A job provides the income to meet basic life necessities. A job instills dignity within a person through enabling them to work, provide, save, and give. A job inspires hope that the future can change for the better, and creates the motivation to work towards that future. So when you buy a product, you do so much more than provide a job. You initiate the transformation of a life.

Building on the Strength of Community

We noticed that in many places, small artisan groups already existed. These are individuals that have developed a craft and come together to sell those as a group. Though small and informal, they already possess the qualities of what is essentially a small business – a leader, workers, relationships, and a product. So rather than hiring individuals to design products for us, we’ve decided to build on the strengths of these groups and work with them directly.

Sharpening Existing Skills

The artisans we work with are very creative and talented. They sew, stitch and weave to design products they sell to their communities. Rather than teaching them other trades, we maximize the ones they already have and challenge the limits of their skills and creativity to produce the unique handmade products that we have.

Strengthening Local Markets

All products are handmade from local materials. From threads to cloths, from measuring tape to sewing machines – all materials and tools are purchased from shops within the artisan group’s local neighborhood. So your purchase not only benefits the artisan group, but all the small businesses in their village that are involved in creating your product.

Economic Development Through Sustainable Business

We believe that business is the best model for creating sustainable growth in a community. So we don’t treat our artisan groups as recipients of aid, but rather as business partners. This model gives them the dignity of maintaining their autonomy as their own small business group, while giving them the opportunity of selling their products to an international market.

Partnering with Local Nonprofits

There are tons of nonprofits that are doing amazing things around the world. They are working hard and transforming lives and communities. As they provide critical resources for their communities, the need arises to also provide a sustainable form of income for the people they work with. Intrinsic is proud to partner with these organization to bring you stylish products that provide for these communities. Check out some of the nonprofits we work with:

  • Anades
  • Drop in the Bucket